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Question for the Crazy.. and the Sane.

"Being crazy actually has no boundary at all.

An "eccentric" behavior condemned in one culture may be highly welcomed in another. How to define "norm"? And how to define "craziness"? A person who transcends the limitation of the environment he or she lives in may be called "crazy".

So is it necessary for us to explore the world of those so called crazy people ? What may be the potential benefit and what may be the potential harm?"

-Eva Wang on

This also brings to mind another something I heard about Edison's wife complaining for him to "turn off that damn light bulb and come back to bed." I am not claiming to be the next Edison, however the general relativity of this notion revisits me often.

What light are you trying to shine that is not generating value in the immediate?

What is your norm?

What is thiers?

Where does your light need to be in order to be honored or valued?


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