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Are You Wierd?

...Or is someone you love weird?

Are you worried about a loved one or think they are odd, acting odd, different from everyone else?

Maybe you have loved ones who think you are weird, odd, or different and telling you they are "worried" about you...

Byron Katie does "The Work" on this topic here.Maybe we just need to let each other "BE"....Free to Be, You and Me.

We all go through transitions. Coming of Age is awkward enough for a child, adolescent, mid-life crisis-er or anyone in a transition that calls for deep-processing and experimentation. When we grow we need space to stretch and expand. It may look and act "odd" in the process. We may stray in directions other than what appears to be the obvious or only way to those outside.

We are working HARD... Inventing and testing values and pushing limits and measuring and balancing. Getting acquainted with and becoming aware of themselves.Maybe you should stop worrying, start encouraging and maybe try acting a little weird yourself.

#brenebrown #thework #odd #different #kids #family #transitions #comingofage

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